Transit Process

Processing Your Order

Once an order is placed and the proper paperwork has been received, the transport of your vehicle will be scheduled as near to your desired date as possible. National pick-up averages are 3-5 days. Averages are based upon geographical locations, weather and traffic flow. AutoGo Auto Transport offers drivers 24-hour access to dispatch operators so that they can coordinate their loads and keep freight moving as quickly as possible without time zone delays. After the driver has been identified, AutoGo Auto Transport representatives will contact you to make specific pick-up and delivery arrangements. The driver makes a 12-hour courtesy call prior to arriving at your destination for pick-up.

Inspection Reports/ Bill of Lading

When the assigned driver picks up your vehicle, a thorough visual inspection of your vehicle will be conducted as outlined on the bill of lading. AutoGo Auto Transport recommends that you have your car prepared for this process prior to pick-up by having it clean, empty of non-essential contents and free of any covers. Both you and the driver will walk around the vehicle and make note of the condition of that vehicle. This report travels with your vehicle and is produced for re-inspection upon delivery. Upon delivery, AutoGo Auto Transport suggests that you agree to meet the carrier in a well lit area where the vehicle can be properly inspected. In the extremely unlikely event that your car sustains any damage throughout the transport process, customers or their designated agent must note the damage on the inspection report.

For customers buying and selling vehicles on-line and site unseen, this is an imperative process. A through inspection report can quickly resolve any dispute about the condition of the vehicle at point of sale. Drivers will be provided with a VIN # for identification purposes. All payment processing for the purchase of the vehicle is independent of the car shipping and should be completed prior to a carrier being dispatched for pick-up.

Pick-up/Transit Times

There are two elements to the duration of the entire transport process:

  1. Pick-up Time – The amount of time needed to locate and assign a specific transport truck once the auto shipping order is received and verified.
  2. Transport Time – The elapsed auto relocation duration of time from when the vehicle is loaded on to the transport truck at origin until it is delivered to destination.

Pick-up Time is usually between 2-10 days. It may be longer in remote locations away from common Interstate shipping lanes, during inclement weather or during a busy moving season in certain locations (i.e., cars moving from Florida to the northeast in May & June).

Car shipping transit time is dependent upon route and location. When calculating transit time, it’s easiest to assume one state per day in transit. Cross country trips average 7-10 days. Keep in mind that car haulers can haul up to 10 cars at a time. The driver works extremely hard to accommodate anticipated pick-up and delivery dates but can get delayed along the way for numerous reasons. There are federally mandated restrictions on the number of hours the driver may be on the road in a given time period and sometimes delays are due to security checks at weigh stations. Shorter miles, means quicker auto shipping timeframes. These carriers are generally smaller and have less pick-up and deliveries to accommodate.

AutoGo Auto Transport strongly advises that customers, who are buying or selling vehicles on-line, contact a professional shipping agent prior to finalizing any sells or purchases for additional transit times in various shipping lanes.